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Population and (rank):
1,006,749 (1990)(40)
1,293,953 (2000 est.)
Land Area and (rank):
82,751 square miles
(214,325 sq km) (11)

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Capitol : Boise
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Tree : Western White Pine
Bird : Mountain Bluebird
Flower : Syringa

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State of Idaho License Plate
"The Gem State"
Motto: "Esto perpetua"
(It is forever)

Union Member Since July 03, 1890 (43)

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Cities and Counties in the State of Idaho - State of Idaho Flag

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Idaho's Flag - A silk flag, blue field, five feet six inches fly, and four feet four inches on pike, bordered with gilt fringe two and one-half inches in width, with state seal of Idaho twenty-one inches in diameter, in colors, in the center of a blue field. The words "State of Idaho" are embroidered in with block letters, two inches in height on a red band three inches in width by twenty-nine inches in length, the band being in gold and placed about eight and one-half inches from the lower border of fringe and parallel with the same.

History of Idaho - After its acquisition by the U.S. as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the region was explored by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in 1805–06. Northwest boundary disputes with Great Britain were settled by the Oregon Treaty in 1846 and the first permanent U.S. settlement in Idaho was established by the Mormons at Franklin in 1860. After gold was discovered on Orofino Creek in 1860, prospectors swarmed into the territory, but left little more than a number of ghost towns. In the 1870s, growing white occupation of Indian lands led to a series of battles between U.S. forces and the Nez Perce, Bannock, and Sheepeater tribes. Mining, lumbering, and irrigation farming have been important for years. Idaho produces more than one fifth of all the silver mined in the U.S. It also ranks high among the states in antimony, lead, cobalt, garnet, phosphate rock, vanadium, zinc, mercury, and gold. Idaho's most impressive growth began when World War II military needs made processing agricultural products a big industry, particularly the dehydrating and freezing of potatoes. The state produces about one fourth of the nation's potato crop, as well aswheat, apples, corn, barley, sugar beets, and hops. With the growth of winter sports, tourism now outranks mining in dollar revenue. Idaho's many streams and lakes provide fishing, camping, and boating sites. The nation's largest elk herds draw hunters from all over the world and the famed Sun Valley resort attracts thousands of visitors to its swimming and skiing facilities. Other points of interest are the Craters of the Moon National Monument; Nez Perce National Historic Park, which includes many sites visited by Lewis and Clark; and the State Historical Museum in Boise.

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