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Raab Corners  Riverside
Raccoon Island  Riverside Park
Racine  Riverside Terrace
Radcliff  Riverview
Radnor  Riverview Estates
Ragersville  Riverview Heights
Raiders Run  Riviera Park
Rain Rock  Rix Mills
Rainbow  Roachester
Rainsboro  Roachton
Raker Corners  Road Fork
Ramsey  Roads
Randall  Roaming Shores
Randall Terrace  Roanoake
Randle  Roberts
Randolph  Robertsburg
Randolph Landing  Robertsville
Range  Robins
Ransom  Robtown
Rappsburg  Robyville
Rarden  Rochester
Ratchford  Rock
Ratcliffburg  Rock Camp
Rathbone  Rock Canyon Park
Ratsville  Rock Creek
Ravenna  Rock Cut
Rawson  Rock Haven Park
Ray  Rock Hill
Rayland  Rock Mill
Raymond  Rock Mills
Rays Corners  Rock Springs
Reading  Rock Way
Red Bank  Rockaway
Red Diamond  Rockbridge
Red Lion  Rockdale
Red River  Rockford
Redbird  Rockland
Redbush  Rockport
Redfield  Rockville
Redhaw  Rockwood
Redoak  Rockwood Park
Redtown  Rocky Fork
Reeds  Rocky Hill
Reeds Mill  Rocky Ridge
Reeds Run  Rocky River
Reedsburg  Rodney
Reedsville  Roe Corners
Reedtown  Rogers
Reedurban  Rohs Hill
Reese  Rokeby Lock
Reesville  Rolandus
Reform  Rollersville
Regina Heights  Rolling Knolls Estate
Rehm  Rolling Terrace Mobile Home Park
Rehoboth  Rome
Reily  Romohr Acres
Reinersville  Rootstown
Relief  Roscoe
Reminderville  Rose Farm
Remington  Rose Garden Mobile Home Park
Rempel  Rose Hill
Remsen Corners  Rose Lawn
Rendcomb Junction  Rosedale
Rendville  Roseland
Renick  Roselawn
Renick Junction  Roselms
Reno  Rosemont
Reno Beach  Rosemoor
Renrock  Rosemount
Republic  Roseville
Resaca  Rosewood
Residence Park  Ross
Revenge  Rossburg
Rexford  Rosseau
Reynolds  Rossford
Reynolds Corners  Rossmoyne
Reynoldsburg  Rossville
Rialto  Roswell
Rice  Round Bottom
Riceland  Roundhead
Rices Mills  Rousculp
Rich Hill  Rowenton
Rich Valley  Rowlesville
Richey  Rowsburg
Richfield  Roxabell
Richfield Center  Roxanna
Richfield Heights  Roxbury
Richland  Royal
Richmond  Royal Springs Estates
Richmond Center  Royalton
Richmond Dale  Royersville
Richmond Heights  Rubyville
Richville  Rudolph
Richwood  Ruggles
Rickard Acres  Ruggles Beach
Ridgeland  Rumley
Ridgeton  Rupels
Ridgeville  Rupert
Ridgeville Corners  Rural
Ridgeway  Ruraldale
Ridgewood Acres  Rush
Ridgewood Heights  Rush Run
Riggs  Rushmore
Rigrish Addition  Rushsylvania
Rimer  Rushtown
Rinard Mills  Rushville
Ringgold  Russell
Rio Grande  Russell Center
Ripley  Russells
Risingsun  Russells Point
Rittenours  Russellville
Rittman  Russia
River Corners  Ruth
River Edge  Rutland
River Styx  Ryan
Riverdale  Rye beach
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