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La Bama  Lenora
La Crosse  Lenox
La Fayette  Leo
La Grange  LePageville
La Mancha  Leslie
La Vista  Leslie Estates
Laconte  Lester
Ladds  Lester Woods
LaFayette  Letford
Lafayette Estates  Level Creek
Laffingal  Leverett
Laingkat  Leveretts
Lake Capri  Levgard Estates
Lake Carlton  Lewis
Lake Chase  Lewis Corner
Lake Cindy Estates  Lewiston
Lake City  Lewiston Downs
Lake Colony  Lewner
Lake Creek  Lexington
Lake Cumberland West  Lexington Creek
Lake Estates  Lexington Estates
Lake Farm  Lexington Heights
Lake Forest  Lexsy
Lake Forest Cove  Liberty
Lake Forest Glen  Liberty City
Lake Forest Hills  Liberty Hill
Lake Haven  Liberty View
Lake Island Estates  Lickskillet
Lake Jodeco  Lifsey
Lake Lanier Vista  Lilburn
Lake Latimer  Lilly
Lake Lucerne Estates  Lily Pond
Lake Park  Limerick
Lake Peachtree  Limetree
Lake Pointe  Linchburg
Lake Ranch  Lincoln Hills
Lake Royal  Lincoln Park
Lake Sardis Estates  Lincolndale
Lake Shore  Lincolnton
Lake Spivey Estates  Lindale
Lake Swan  Linden
Lake Talmadge  Linder
Lake Tara  Lindsey
Lake Villas  Linesville
Lake Watch  Links of Leith
Lake West Point Estates  Linton
Lake Wildwood  Linwood
Lakehills  Lisbon
Lakeland  Listonia
Lakeland Heights  Litchfield Hundred
Lakeland Hills  Lithia Mobile Home Estates
Lakemont  Lithia Springs
Lakemont Town Homes  Lithonia
Lakemoore Heights  Little Creek
Lakeshore Estates  Little Creek Farms
Lakeside  Little Hope
Lakeside Grove  Little Miami
Lakeside Hills  Little River
Lakeside Mobile Home Park  Little River Crossing
Lakeside Park  Little River Landing
Lakeview  Little River North
Lakeview Estates  Little River South
Lakeview Heights  Littlebrooke Farm
Lakeview Meadows  Live Oak
Lakewood  Livingston
Lakewood Heights  Lizella
Lamar  Loce
Lamara Heights  Loch Arbor
Lamarville  Lochwolde
Lamb Town  Lockett Crossing
Lambright  Lockridge Forest
Lamkin  Locust Grove
Lamplighter Village Mobile Home Park  Lodge West
Lance Mill  Loftin
Land of Lakes  Logan
Landings, The  Loganville
Landrum  Logtown
Lands Crossroads  Logwall
Lands End  Lombard
Laney  London Hill
Lanford  Lone Oak
Langdon  Long Acres
Lanier  Long Branch
Lanier Heights  Long Cane
Lanier North Woods  Long Pond
Lanier Northwest  Longstreet
Lanier Valley  Longview
Lansdowne  Longview Estates
Lashley  Lookout Mountain
Lassiter  Looper Lake
Lathemtown  Lorane
Laurel Brook  Lorenzo
Laurel Chase  Loretta Heights
Laurel Creek  Lost Meadows
Laurel Falls  Lost Mountain
Laurel Grove  Lost Mountain Woods
Laurel Heights  Lothair
Laurel Hill  Lotts
Laurel Hills  Louise
Laurel Woods  Louisville
Laurelwood  Louvale
Laurelwood Estates  Louvale Station
Laurens Hill  Love Hill
Lavender  Lovejoy
Lavonia  Lovelace
Lawrence Estates  Lovett
Lawrences Mill  Loving
Lawrenceville  Lowell
Lawson Highlands  Lower Sansavilla
Lawton  Lowery
Lax  Lowes Crossing
Le Dan  Lowry
Lea Glen  Lucile
Leadmore  Lucius
Leaf  Ludowici
Leah  Ludville
Leake  Luella
Leary  Luke
Leathersville  Lula
Lebanon  Lulaton
Lebanon (Toonigh Station)  Lulaville
Lecount  Lumber City
Ledgewood  Lumpkin
Lee Pope  Lundberg
Leefield  Luthersville
Lees Crossing  Luxomni
Lees Mill  Lyerly
Leesburg  Lyn Hills
Leeward Park  Lyneville
Lehigh  Lynhaven
Leisure Acres  Lynhurst
Leisure Heights  Lynley Estates
Leisure Lake  Lynn
Leisure Woods  Lynn Haven Estates
Lela  Lyons
Leland  Lytle
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