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Hacienda  Hi Vista
Hacienda del Florasol  Hickman
Hacienda Heights  Hickok Ranch
Hackamore  Hickson
Hacketsville  Hicksville
Hagginwood  Hidden Hills
Haight  Hidden Meadows
Haines  Hidden Palms
Haiwee  Hidden River
Halcon  Hidden Springs
Halcyon  Hidden Valley
Hale Place  Hidden Valley Lake
Hales Grove  Higby
Half Moon Bay  Higgins Corner
Halfway House  High Country
Hall  High Sierra Park
Hall Station  Highcroft
Hallelujah Junction  Highgrove
Halloran Springs  Highland
Halls Corner  Highland Park
Halls Flat  Highland Plams Mobile Home Park
Halsted Flat  Highland Springs
Halvern  Highland Village
Hamblin  Highlands
Hambone  Highlands Mobile Home Park
Hamburg  Hights Corner
Hamburg Farms  Highway City
Hamilton Branch  Hilarita
Hamilton City  Hildreth
Hamlet  Hillcrest
Hammer Place  Hillgrove
Hammil  Hillmaid
Hammond  Hills Ferry
Hammonton  Hills Flat
Hams  Hillsborough
Hanford  Hillsborough Park
Hanford Hill  Hillsdale
Hannchen  Hilmar
Hansen  Hilmar-Irwin
Happy Camp  Hilt
Happy Valley  Hilton
Harbin Springs  Hinda
Harbin Springs Annex  Hinkley
Harbison Canyon  Hinsdale
Harbor City  Hinton
Harbor Hills  Hiouchi
Harbor Point  Hirschdale
Harbor Side  Hite Cove
Harden Flat  Hobart
Hardwick  Hobart Mills
Hardy  Hobergs
Hardy Place  Hoboken
Harlem  Hodge
Harlem Springs  Hoffman Point
Harlow Place  Holcomb Village
Harmony  Holiday Harbor Resort
Harmony Acres  Hollis
Harmony Grove  Hollister
Harold  Hollydale
Harp  Hollywood
Harper  Hollywood Beach
Harpertown  Hollywood by the Sea
Harrington  Hollywood Riviera
Harris  Holmes
Harrisburg  Holt
Harrison Park  Holtville
Harry Floyd Terrace  Holy City
Hart  Home Garden
Hartland  Home Gardens
Hartley  Home Junction
Harts Place  Homeland
Harvard  Homelands
Haskell Creek Homesites  Homer
Hat Creek  Homestead
Hatch  Homewood
Hatfield  Honby
Hathaway Pines  Honcut
Hathaway Place  Honda
Hathaways Mountain Pines  Honeydew
Havasu Lake  Hood
Havasu Palms  Hood Junction
Haven  Hooker
Haven Place  Hookston
Havilah  Hookton
Hawaiian Gardens  Hoopa
Hawes  Hooper
Hawkins Bar  Hooperville
Hawkinsville  Hope Ranch
Hawley  Hopeton
Hawthorne  Hopland
Hayden  Hoppaw
Hayden Hill  Hornbrook
Hayes  Hornitos
Hayfield  Horse Creek
Hayfork  Horse Lake
Hays Place  Horstville
Haystack  Hoskin
Hayward  Hot Springs
Hayward Park  Hotlum
Hazelton  Hough Springs
Healdsburg  Houghton Place
Hearst  Houze Place
Heart Bar Campground  Hovley
Heath Place  Howard
Heather Glen  Howard Landing
Heavenly Hills  Howard Springs
Heber  Howell Mountain
Hector  Howell Place
Heeser Addition  Howland Flat
Helena  Huasna
Helendale  Hub
Hellhole Palms  Hubert Place
Helltown  Hudner
Helm  Hughes Mill
Helm Corner  Hughes Place
Hemet  Hughson
Henderson  Hulburd Grove
Henderson Village  Humboldt Hill
Hendy Grove  Hume
Henley  Hume Station
Henleyville  Humphreys
Henry  Hunter Place
Henshaw  Hunter-Liggett
Herald  Huntington Beach
Hercraff Place  Huntington Harbour
Hercules  Huntington Lake
Herlong  Huntington Park
Herlong Junction  Huntley
Hermosa Beach  Hurlbut
Herndon  Hurleton
Herpoco  Huron
Hershey  Hutt
Hesperia  Hyampom
Hess Mill  Hyde Park
Hessel  Hydesville
Hetch Hetchy Junction  Hydril
Hewes Park  Hyperion
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