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Capitol : Harrisburg
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Tree : Hemlock
Bird : Ruffed Grouse
Flower : Mountain Laurel


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, Acme, Adamsburg, Alcoa Center, Alice, Allegheny, Westmoreland County, Allens Crossroads, Alliance Furnace, Alverton, Ardara, Armbrust, Arnold, Arona, Avonmore, Bagdad, Baggaley, Bairdstown, Baldwin Furnace, Barking, Barners Hill, Beatty, Bell Point, Bell, Westmoreland County, Bells, Blackburn, Blackstone, Bolivar, Boquet, Bovard, Bradenville, Braeburn, Brenizer, Brinkerton, Buckeye, Burds Crossing, Burrell, Buttermilk Falls, Byerly, California Furnace, Calumet, Camp Jo-Ann, Carney, Carpentertown, Cavettsville, Central, Cereal, Chaintown, Champion, Circleville, Claridge, Collinsburg, Congruity, Cook, Cowansburg, Crabtree, Cummingswood Park, Darragh, Delmont, Denison, Derry, Borough, Westmoreland County, Derry, Township, Westmoreland County, Dick, Donegal, Donegal, Borough, Westmoreland County, Donegal, Township, Westmoreland County, Donnelly, Donohoe, Dorothy, Dunningtown, East Charleroi, East Huntingdon, East Vandergrift, Eastwood, Edgecliff, Edgewater Terrace, Edna Number One, Edna Number Two, Eureka, Evanstown, Export, Fairbanks, Fairfield, Westmoreland County, Fellsburg, Fitz Henry, Forbes Road, Foxtown, Garvers Ferry, Georges Station, Gibsonton, Gosser Hill, Grapeville, Gratztown, Grays, Greensburg, Greenwald, Guffey, Hahntown, Hannastown, Harbison, Harrison City, Hawkeye, Hempfield, Westmoreland County, Herminie, Herminie Number 2, Highland, Hillside, Hillsview, Hooverville, Hostetter, Humphreys, Hunker, Hutchinson, Hyde Park, Idlepark, India, Iron Bridge, Irwin, Irwin, Westmoreland County, Jacktown, Jacobs Creek, Jeannette, Jones Mills, Kecksburg, Kingston, Kinlock, Kiskiminetas Junction, Kregar, Lake Denise, Latrobe, Lauffer, Laughlintown, Laurel Mountain, Laurel Mountain Park, Laurelville, Lawson Heights, Level Green, Ligonier, Ligonier, Borough, Ligonier, Township, Lincoln Heights, Livermore, Lloydsville, Lockport, Longbridge, Lowber, Lower Burrell, Lower Whyel, Loyalhanna, Loyalhanna Woodlands Number 1, Loyalhanna Woodlands Number 2, Luxor, Lycippus, Madison, Madison, Westmoreland County, Mammoth, Mamont, Manito, Manitto Haven, Manor, Manor, Westmoreland County, Mansville, Maplewood Terrace, Marguerite, Markle, McCance, McClarran, McCullough, Mechesneytown, Mellingertown, Mendon, Metcalf, Miedel Hill, Milbell, Millbank, Millbell, Millersdale, Milligantown, Millwood, Monessen, Morewood, Mount Joy, Mount Pleasant, Borough, Westmoreland County, Mount Pleasant, Township, Westmoreland County, Moween, Murrysville, Mutual, Myersbrook, New Alexandria, New Derry, New Florence, New Kensington, New Stanton, Newlonsburg, Nihil, North Belle Vernon, North Huntingdon, North Irwin, North Scottdale, Norvelt, Oak Grove, Oklahoma, Old Crabtree, Old Stanton, Orchard Hill, Osburn, Paintertown, Palmers, Pandora, Park, Parnassus, Paulton, Peanut, Penn, Penn Glyn, Penn, Borough, Westmoreland County, Penn, Township, Westmoreland County, Perryville, Pinetree, Pleasant Unity, Poke Run, Pricedale, Rachelwood, Radebaugh, Ramsay Terrace, Rankins Corners, Reagantown, Rector, Reduction, Ridge View, Rillton, Ringertown, Robb, Robbins, Rocktown, Rodney, Rostraver, Ruffs Dale, Saint Vincent Shaft, Salem, Westmoreland County, Salina, Sardis, Scab Hill, Scott Haven, Scottdale, Seger, Seward, Sewickley, Westmoreland County, Shafton, Shaner, Shawtown, Shearersburg, Shieldsburg, Slickville, Smithton, South Greensburg, Southwest Greensburg, Sowash, Stahlstown, Standard, Standard Shaft, Stanton Heights, Stewartsville, Stonevilla, Sunset Valley, Sutersville, Swede Hill, Sweeneys Crossroads, Tarrs, Thomas Crossroads, Thornwood, Torrance, Trafford, Trauger, Trees Mills, Truxall, Turkeytown, United, Unity, Upper Burrell, Upper Whyel, Valley Camp, Van Meter, Vandergrift, Vandergrift Heights, Vista, Wakena, Waltz Mill, Washington, Westmoreland County, Waterford, Weavers Old Stand, Webster, Weinel Crossroads, Weltytown, Wendel, West Bethany, West Bolivar, West Derry, West Export, West Fairfield, West Leechburg, West Newton, West Overton, West Vandergrift, Westmoreland City, White Valley, Whites Hill, Whitney, Wiester, Wilko Hill, Wilpen, Wyano, Yohoghany, Youngstown, Youngwood, Yukon,
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Kinlock, PA
Westmoreland County
Lat : 40.54972 Lon : -79.73667

Kinlock, PA | all jobs in Kinlock, PA | Click here

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    Pennsylvania Quick Facts
    Pennsylvania State Capitol
    Pennsylvania State Seal
    Hemlock - The State Tree of Pennsylvania
    Ruffed Grouse - The State Bird of Pennsylvania
    Mountain Laurel - The State Flower of Pennsylvania
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Kinlock, PA | all jobs in Kinlock, PA | Click here

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