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Abernathy Station (histor, Action (historical), Ady (historical), Agency Landing (historica, Ainsworth Corner, Aitken (historical), Alca (historical), Alder Springs (historical, Ale (historical), Alford, All Hours (historical), Allendale, Allentown (historical), Almeda (historical), Aloysius (historical), Althouse (historical), Amos (historical), Anchor (historical), Angora (historical), Anidem (historical), Annalore (historical), Anoka (historical), Antler (historical), Appleton (historical), Arcadia (historical), Arell, Arko (historical), Armin (historical), Armitage, Arnaud, Arthur (historical), Arvard (historical), Asbestos (historical), Ashaha, Audrey (historical), Augusta (historical), Austa, Axehandle (historical), Axtell (historical), Baird (historical), Baker, Ballwood (historical), Balm (historical), Barber (historical), Barbra (historical), Barclay, Barite (historical), Barkley (historical), Barnegat (historical), Barton Heights, Batan (historical), Battery Russell (historic, Bayley (historical), Beagle (historical), Beaver Marsh, Beaverton (historical), Bedfield (historical), Bell, Belle Passi (historical), Bellrose, Belmont (historical), Bendemeer, Benson (historical), Berkley (historical), Bernice (historical), Berry (historical), Betzen, Biddle (historical), Big Butte (historical), Big Eddy, Big Eddy (historical), Biglow (historical), Binger (historical), Bingham (historical), Bitter Lick (historical), Black (historical), Blakes Junction (historic, Blalock, Bloucher (historical), Blyvbach (historical), Boardman (historical), Bohemia (historical), Bohna (historical), Boiling Point (historical, Bolly (historical), Booth (historical), Boston Mills (historical), Bour (historical), Bowen (historical), Bowers (historical), Bowersville (historical), Box (historical), Bridge Creek (historical), Bridlemile, Briggson (historical), Brittan (historical), Broadacres, Brookwild, Brower (historical), Brown City (historical), Bruce, Bryant City (historical), Buck Fork (historical), Buckhead (historical), Buckley (historical), Bufo (historical), Buick (historical), Bully (historical), Buman, Bunghardts Mill (historic, Burkemont (historical), Burlington (historical), Burma, Burp Hollow, Burroughs (historical), Bush, Bussard (historical), Butler (historical), Butte (historical), Butte Creek (historical), Butter Creek (historical), Butterfield, Butteville Station, Byerley Corner, C 2 Lumber Camp, Cabin Creek (historical), Cableville (historical), Cake (historical), Calahan (historical), Caleb (historical), Calloway (historical), Calor (historical), Calvert (historical), Cameron (historical), Camp Adair (historical), Camp Carson (historical), Camp Colfax (historical), Camp Day (historical), Camp Logan (historical), Cannon Beach Junction, Carey (historical), Carroll (historical), Carstens (historical), Castle rock, Caverhill (historical), Caviness (historical), Cebu (historical), Centerville, Central (historical), Chadwell (historical), Champ, Champion (historical), Chandler (historical), Charlotte (historical), Chase (historical), Chetco (historical), Chewaucan (historical), Chico (historical), Christie (historical), Chrome, City of the Dalles, Civil Bend (historical), Clarnie, Clatsop Station, Claxtar (historical), Cleek (historical), Cleveland (historical), Clifton (historical), Clinton (historical), Clover (historical), Clover Station (historica, Clymer (historical), Coalca, Coast Fork (historical), Cochrane (historical), Cold Springs (historical), Coleman (historical), Colson (historical), Columbine (historical), Comer (historical), Concomly, Conger (historical), Conner Creek (historical), Conser (historical), Conway (historical), Coos City (historical), Copper (historical), Corbett Station, Corbin (historical), Cottonwood (historical), Council Crest, Cracker City (historical), Cram (historical), Crates, Crawford (historical), Crisp (historical), Crocus (historical), Cromwell (historical), Cross Keys (historical), Crowfoot (historical), Crown Rock (historical), Croy (historical), Crump (historical), Crystal (historical), Cutler City, Darndanelles (historical), Day (historical), De Vore, Delake, Dell (historical), Dellmoor (historical), Dencer (historical), Denny (historical), Denver (historical), Denzer (historical), Derby (historical), Deschutes (historical), Deschutes River Woods, Diamond Hill (historical), Dickey Prairie, Dillon (historical), Dixie (historical), Dominic (historical), Donahue (historical), Dothan (historical), Dotville (historical), Dotyville (historical), Douglas (historical), Draper (historical), Drews Valley (historical), Dryland, Dudley (historical), Eagleton (historical), Earl (historical), Early (historical), East Independence (histor, East Milwaukie, East Saint Johns, Eckley (historical), Eddy (historical), Edsalla (historical), Elk Flat (historical), Elk Horn (historical), Embody (historical), Emigrant (historical), Emma (historical), Empire, English (historical), Errol, Erwin (historical), Estes (historical), Estrup (historical), Etelka (historical), Etna (historical), Euclid (historical), Eureka (historical), Eustis (historical), Evarts (historical), Ewing (historical), Fallsview, Farewell Bend (historical, Fargher (historical), Farley (historical), Farnham Landing, Fern Ridge, Ferns (historical), Fir (historical), Firgrove, Firo, Firwood (historical), Fishhawk (historical), Fisk (historical), Flavel (historical), Fletts (historical), Foley (historical), Forest (historical), Fort Birdseye (historical, Fort Dalle (historical), Fort Dobie (historical), Fort Flournoy (historical, Fort Henrietta (historica, Fort Hill, Fort Miner (historical), Fort Stevens, Fort Sumpter (historical), Fox Hollow (historical), Francisville (historical), French Lane (historical), Froman (historical), Gaines (historical), Garden Home-Whitford, Garibald, Garner (historical), Gem (historical), Gesner (historical), Gilbert Station, Gillham (historical), Gimlet (historical), Gladstone Station, Glasser (historical), Glen (historical), Glendale Junction, Glengary, Glenn (historical), Glenwood (historical), Goff (historical), Golta (historical), Gopher, Gorman (historical), Grade (historical), Graham, Grand Island Junction, Grandview (historical), Granite Hill (historical), Granite Mountain (histori, Grave Creek (historical), Gray (historical), Greenacres, Greenberry, Greenburg, Greenwood (historical), Greton, Grossman (historical), Grove Spring (historical), Haig, Hale (historical), Haley, Halletts, Handy (historical), Harbeck-Fruitdale, Harborton, Hardin (historical), Hare (historical), Hares (historical), Harrison (historical), Hat Rock (historical), Hatfield (historical), Hay Creek Ranch, Haynesville (historical), Hazelau (historical), Hazelia, Hazelwood, Heceta Junction, Helloff (historical), Helmick, Hempsted (historical), Henderson (historical), Henryville (historical), Herling (historical), Hermann (historical), Hermans, Hindman (historical), Hoaglin (historical), Hobbsford (historical), Holland (historical), Holman (historical), Holmes (historical), Holsteen (historical), Home (historical), Hook (historical), Hoover (historical), Hopkins (historical), Hopmere, Hot Springs (historical), Howardville (historical), Howe (historical), Howell (historical), Hudson (historical), Hughes (historical), Hullt (historical), Humboldt Basin (historica, Hurlburt (historical), Hurricane Grange, Hyalnd (historical), Idea (historical), Idiotville (historical), Idlerest (historical), Igo (historical), Inavale (historical), Indian Valley (historical, Irma (historical), Ivan (historical), Jacktown, Jamestown (historical), Jasper Point Resort, Jenne, Jennyopolis (historical), Jersey (historical), Jetson (historical), Jett (historical), John Day, Joler, Joy (historical), Judd, June (historical), Juniper, Juniper (historical), Juno, Kahneeta Hot Springs, Kaskela, Keen (historical), Kendall, Kenny (historical), Keono (historical), Kettering (historical), Kilts (historical), Kime (historical), Kimwood (historical), King (historical), Kings Landing (historical, Kirbro, Kirkpatrick, Kist (historical), Kitson Hot Springs, Klamath Junction, Klumb (historical), Knappa Junction, Knight (historical), Knudson (historical), Kruse (historical), Kubli (historical), Kyser (historical), Lachmund (historical), Lacy (historical), Lake (historical), Lakeport (historical), Lampa (historical), Lander (historical), Larch (historical), Lassen (historical), Lava (historical), Lavadoure (historical), Lawton (historical), Leander (historical), Leap (historical), Ledgerwood (historical), Leffler (historical), Lenox (historical), Lens (historical), Lewisburg (historical), Liberty (historical), Lightning (historical), Lights (historical), Lilleas (historical), Lilyglen (historical), Lindsey (historical), Linn (historical), Linnemann, Linville (historical), Little Sweeden, Llano (historical), Llewelyn (historical), Lockhart (historical), Locust Grove (historical), Loewi (historical), Log Cabin (historical), Lost Prairie (historical), Lovely (historical), Lowsen (historical), Luckiamute (historical), Lun (historical), Luper (historical), Lurley (historical), Lyman (historical), Lynbrook (historical), Mabery (historical), Maggard (historical), Maples (historical), Margaret (historical), Marion (historical), Martin Eddy, Marx (historical), Maryhurst, Mason (historical), Masters Landing (historic, Maxwell (historical), Mayo (historical), McCollum (historical), McCurdy (historical), McFarlin (historical), McKenzie, Meadow (historical), Medley (historical), Menefee, Mercer (historical), Meredith (historical), Merganser (historical), Meva (historical), Michigan (historical), Midway (historical), Miles (historical), Miller (historical), Millers (historical), Millford (historical), Milliorn (historical), Mineral (historical), Minersville (historical), Mirth (historical), Missouri Flat (historical, Mohler, Monitor, Montague, Montague (historical), Montavilla, Monte Cristo, Moorhouse (historical), Morton (historical), Mosquite (historical), Mound (historical), Mount Hood (historical), Mount Hood Village, Mount Scott (historical), Mountain House (historica, Mt Angel, Mt Carmel, Mule (historical), Murphys Camp (historical), Nagle (historical), Necanicum (historical), Neer City (historical), Nehalem Fall (historical), Nelscott, Nenamusa (historical), Nesmith (historical), Nesmith Mills (historical, Nestoctin (historical), Newellsville (historical), Newtons (historical), Nibley (historical), Nichols (historical), Nixon (historical), Nofog (historical), North Junction (Davidson), North Lake (historical), North Logan (historical), North Santian, North Springfield, North Umpqua Village (his, Norton (historical), Nugget (historical), Oak Creek (historical), Oak Hills, Oak Park (historical), Oaklawn (historical), Oasis (historical), Oatfield, Oceanlake, Odessa (historical), Odessa Creek, Olete (historical), One Horse Town (historica, Orchard Dale (historical), Oreoil (historical), Orodell (historical), Othello (historical), Palmer (historical), Panther (historical), Paradise (historical), Paris (historical), Park (historical), Parker (historical), Parkers (historical), Parkerville (historical), Pattersons Mills (histori, Paynesville (historical), Peach (historical), Peak (historical), Peavey (historical), Pebble (historical), Pedro (historical), Pheasant (historical), Piney (historical), Plevna (historical), Pokegama (historical), Poplar (historical), Porter (historical), Porterville (historical), Potter (historical), Potter Mill (historical), Powderdale (historical), Powderville (historical), Powellhurst-Centennial, Prairie Creek (historical, Preston (historical), Priceboro (historical), Pursel (historical), Putman (historical), Quatama, Quinaby, Ragic (historical), Ramsey Springs (historica, Randolph (historical), Range (historical), Rector (historical), Red Bridge (historical), Redne (historical), Redwood, Remington (historical), Renner (historical), Rex, Rhea (historical), Rickard, Ridge (historical), Ridgeway (historical), Ripple (historical), River Road, Rivergate, Riverside (historical), Robbins (historical), Roberts (historical), Roby (historical), Rocca (historical), Rockcreek, Rockville (historical), Rognes (historical), Roots (historical), Roseburg North, Rougue Elk, Row River (historical), Royston (historical), Ruby (historical), Ruley (historical), Rural (historical), Ruthton (historical), Sampson (historical), Sand Ridge (historical), Sanger (historical), Santian City (historical), Sawyers Rapids (historica, School Station (historica, Seattle Bar (historical), Selah (historical), Seufert (historical), Seward (historical), Shake (historical), Shell Rock (historical), Sherar Grabe (historical), Shevlin, Shevlin (historical), Shores Acres, Shortys Corner, Shubel (historical), Simmons (historical), Sinks (historical), Sinnott (historical), Siuslaw (historical), Skinner (historical), Slater (historical), Sloan (historical), Smock (historical), Snark (historical), Soda Springs (historical), Sonny (historical), South Baker (historical), South Klamath (historical, South Lebanon, South Santiam (historical, South Yamhill (historical, Spencers Butte (historica, Sperry (historical), Spikenard (historical), Spores (historical), Spring Valley (historical, Springfield Junction, Springville (historical), Spruce (historical), St. Helens, St. Paul, Stacey (historical), Stanley, Stanwood (historical), Star (historical), Starrs Point (historical), Stavebolt Landing (histor, Sterlingville (historical, Stipp (historical), Stites (historical), Stone (historical), Sucker (historical), Summit (historical), Summons (historical), Sunset (historical), Superior (historical), Swan, Swart (historical), Swastika (historical), Syracuse (historical), Taft, Tanks (historical), Teats (historical), Tenysville (historical), Terminal City (historical, Thomas (historical), Thompson (historical), Three Rivers, Three Springs (historical, Tongue Point Naval Base, Topsy (historical), Townsend (historical), Tri-City, Triangle (historical), Trout Creek (historical), Tucker (historical), Tuft (historical), Tule (historical), Tumia (historical), Twin Buttes (historical), Ulvstad (historical), Umqua City, Utopia (historical), Valley (historical), Vernon (historical), Vienta, Vistallas (historical), Vistillas (historical), Wabash (historical), Wagner (historical), Wagner Springs (historica, Wakefield (historical), Wallace (historical), Wampus (historical), Wardton (historical), Warm Springs (historical), Warner Lake (historical), Wastina (historical), Waters Creek, Watson (historical), Watsonville (historical), Web (historical), Wecoma Beach (Post Office, Wells (historical), Wenaha (historical), Wendell (historical), Went (historical), West Chehalem (historical, West Haven-Sylvan, West Klamath (historical), West Salem, Weston (historical), Wheeler City (historical), Whitaker (historical), White Lake City (historic, White Pine (historical), White Point (historical), Whiteaker (historical), Whitehill (historical), Whitmore (historical), Willamette Forks (histori, Willard (historical), Williams Mill (historical, Willow Forks (historical), Wilson (historical), Winema (historical), Winniford (historical), Winslow (historical), Wintel (historical), Woolley (historical), Worden (historical), Wright (historical), Yach (historical), Yamada (historical), Yamhill Station, Yamsay (historical), Yarnell (historical), Yeoman (historical), Yocum (historical), Youngs (historical), Zion (historical),
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Mason (historical)
Mason (historical), OR
Lat : 43.7778 Lon : -117.806

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