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Capitol : Concord
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Tree : White Birch
Bird : Finch
Flower : Purple Lilac
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0  (1990)
4,061  (1989 est)
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North Hampton, NH, US
Wind: 5 mph NW
Humidity: 83%
Visibility: 0.1 mi
Preasure: 29.81 in rising
Sun Rise: 6:01 am  Set: 7:23 pm
Now: 66°F | Mostly Cloudy
Windchill: 66°F
Thu: Partly Cloudy
Hi: 78°F, Low: 54°F
Fri: Sunny
Hi: 71°F, Low: 54°F

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 County Localities:
Arlington Park, Atkinson Heights, Atlantic, Atlantic Heights, Auburn, Austin Corners, Baglett Grove, Bayside, Bean Island, Bersum Gardens, Breakfast Hill, Brentwood, Brentwood Corners, Brick School Corner, Cable Road, Camp Gundalow, Camp Hedding, Candia, Candia Four Corners, Canobie Lake, Cemetery Corners, Chases Grove, Chester, Christian Shore, Clark Hill, Cluffs Crossing, Coffins Mill, Collettes Grove, Conleys Grove, Cowbell Corners, Crane Crossing, Creek Area, Danville, Deerfield, Deerfield Center, Deerfield Parade, Derry, Derry Village, Dows Corner, East Candia, East Derry, East Hampstead, East Kingston, Eastman Corners, Eastman Point, Elmwood Corners, Elwyn Park, Epping, Exeter, Fairhill Manor, Five Corners, Fogg Corner, Fogg Corners, Foster Corners, Four Corners, Foyes Corner, Fremont, Fremont Station, Gooch Corner, Gosport, Great Boars Head, Greenland, Greenland Station, Hampshire Road, Hampstead, Hampton, Hampton Beach, Hampton Falls, Hampton Landing, Haynes Corner, Hooks Crossing, Howards Grove, Hubbard, Jady Hill, Kensington, Kingston, Lamprey Corners, Langs Corner, Leavitts Hill, Little Boars Head, Littlefield, Londonderry, Lyford Crossing, Marshall Corner, Martin Crossing, Meadowbrook, Melrose Beach, Millville, Monahan Corner, Nason Corners, New Castle, Newfields, Newington, Newington Station, Newmarket, Newton, Newton Junction, North Beach, North Chester, North Danville, North Epping, North Hampton, North Hampton Center, North Londonderry, North Nottingham, North Salem, Northwood, Northwood Center, Northwood Narrows, Northwood Ridge, Nottingham, Nottingham Square, Noyes Terrace, Onway Lake, Pannaway Manor, Parkman Corner, Peppermint Corner, Perkins Hill, Pine Grove Park, Piscataqua, Plaice Cove, Plaistow, Plaistow, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Plains, Powwow River, Prescott Corner, Raymond, Riverside, Rockingham, Rowes Corner, Rye, Rye Beach, Rye North Beach, Salem, Salem Depot, Sanborn Corners, Sandown, Sargent Corners, Seabrook, Seabrook Beach, Seabrook Station, Severance, Shaws Hill, Smith Colony, Smith Corner, Smithtown, South Danville, South Deerfield, South Hampton, South Kingston, South Seabrook, Stratham, Stratham Station, Tappan Corners, The Five Corners, The Plantation, The Willows, Towles Corner, Town Hall Corner, Wallis Sands, Walton Landing, Weare Corner, Weares Mill, Wentworth Acres, West Derry, West Epping, West Hampstead, West Kingston, West Nottingham, West Rye, West Windham, Westville, Wilson, Wilson Corners, Windham, Windham Depot, Winniconic, Winnicut Mills,
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Town of North Hampton
North Hampton, NH 03862
Rockingham County
Lat : 42.9725 Lon : -70.83028

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Travel and Tourism:

The Rye Historical Society will once again sponsor a narrated historical tour of the community, this year with a new route.


This is New Hampshire Audubon's Rare Bird Alert for Wednesday, Aug. 20. An immature-plumaged blue grosbeak was seen among a flock of over 50 indigo buntings at Morrill's Farm in Penacook on Aug. 17th.


At their recent meeting, the Trustees of the Former Agents of the FBI Foundation voted to award a scholarship for the 2014-15 academic year to Kevin Ennis of North Hampton.


Shopping bills can quickly climb when it comes to back to school supplies, which is why Hampton Rotarians decided to step in when they learned over 125 students in the area would return to school next week without a backpack and other essential items.


The New Hampshire Academy of Artistic Gymnastics will host a grand re-opening event Saturday to celebrate the completion of numerous improvements that were made to its facility following a small fire and flood.


Throughout his life, Dean Flemming has been many things; a father, a postal worker, and perhaps most notably, a B-17 Bomber pilot who amazingly made it through 30 missions.


Former North Hampton Fire Chief Thomas Lambert, 55, will be replacing Rye Fire Chief William "Skip" Sullivan, 71, on Sept.


An immature-plumaged blue grosbeak was seen among a flock of over 50 indigo buntings at Morrill's Farm in Penacook on Aug. 17. The best place to park is north of the wastewater treatment plant , but note that this area is currently a staging ground for the major construction in downtown Penacook, so be sure to stay out of their way.


In state Senate District 19 - which covers Derry, Hampstead and Windham - Republicans have a clear choice among three competing candidates this year: Jim Foley.


They came to thank him for his military service, but 94-year-old Air Force veteran Dean Flemming Sr. wanted everyone to know how thankful he was that people cared enough to honor him.


John R. Knight, 40, of Stratham, was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct and criminal threatening on Stratham Lane.


Former North Hampton Fire Chief Thomas Lambert, 55, will be replacing interim Rye Fire Chief William "Skip" Sullivan, 71, on Sept.


WINNACUNNET HIGH SCHOOL PM #1 1st bus in line on left Right out of School Right onto Park Avenue Left onto Winnacunnet Road Right onto Mill Road Through lights Stop at #75 Stop at Emery Lane Stop at Homestead Circle Left onto Anne's Lane at stop sign Stop at Philbrook Stop at Tuck Rd Right onto Rt 1 Stop at Fairfield Stop at Lena's Subs Stop at ... (more)


Russell Browning, 9, of North Hampton, gives the dog statue at the main entrance of The Stratham SPCA a touch up.


At its Aug. 25 meeting the Select Board will decide whether to help out the owner of the new Hubbingtons Furniture store currently being constructed on Route 1. At issue will be whether the town will acquire a Discretionary Preservation Easement for the two barns in which the store will be located in exchange for an abatement of property taxes.


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