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 Special State Info:
Quick Facts : Press Here
Capitol : St. Paul
State Seal : Press Here
Tree : Norway Pine
Bird : Common Loon
Flower : Lady Slipper


 Local Population:
1,053  (1990)
1,021  (1998 est)

 Land Area:
264 (sq km)

 Federal Information:
Committee Meetings &
Hearings Scheduled

Senate Calendar

 Max Local Weather:
Atwater, MN, US
Wind: 7 mph S
Humidity: 100%
Visibility: 0.1 mi
Preasure: 30.08 in steady
Sun Rise: 7:52 am  Set: 4:37 pm
Now: 30°F | Cloudy
Windchill: 23°F
Sat: Cloudy
Hi: 32°F, Low: 29°F
Sun: Cloudy
Hi: 35°F, Low: 34°F

 Local Newspapers:

 County Localities:
Arctander, Atwater, Blomkest, Burbank, Colfax, Dovre, East Lake Lillian, Edwards, Fahlun, Gennessee, Green Lake, Harrison, Hawick, Kandiyohi, Kandiyohi, Township, Lake Andrew, Lake Elizabeth, Lake Lillian, Lake Lillian, Township, Mamre, New London, New London, Township, Norway Lake, Pennock, Priam, Prinsburg, Raymond, Raymond, Kandiyohi County, Regal, Roseland, Roseville, Kandiyohi County, Spicer, St Johns, Sunburg, Whitefield, Willmar, Willmar, Township,
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City of Atwater
P O Box 59, Atwater, MN 56209
Kandiyohi County
Lat : 45.13889 Lon : -94.77778

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Officially Sanctioned Community Web Site:

Commerce and Business Organizations:
  108 3rd St N, Atwater, MN  56209

  Phone : 320-974-8284

Community and Economic Development:

Travel and Tourism:

Work crews reduced the old Range Regional Airport terminal to a pile of rubble this week, clearing the way for an expansive new facility. The airport secured $5 million in federal funding in September for the project, which will double the size of facility.


Why did the chicken cross the road? Perhaps to get away from psychopathic cops. It seems that police brutality has even come to the chicken coop these days.


The police chief in Atwater, Minnesota has drawn criticism for sneaking into a resident's home to kill her 5-year-old son's pet chicken in response to noise complaints from a neighbor, the West Central Tribune reported.


From Wabasha to Warroad, from Sleepy Eye to Silver Bay, Dateline Minnesota scours the state to bring you breaking news from outside the Twin Cities.


This investigative series examines failures in Minnesota's mental health system that have left hundreds of psychiatric patients in limbo - many of them languishing in county jails, cycling through the criminal justice system and sinking deeper into dangerous psychoses.


    Minnesota Quick Facts
    Minnesota State Capitol
    Minnesota State Seal
    Norway Pine - The State Tree of Minnesota
    Common Loon - The State Bird of Minnesota
    Lady Slipper - The State Flower of Minnesota
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Atwater, MN | all jobs in Atwater, MN | Click here

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